Read what people are saying about my life coaching programs.

The past few months working with David as my one-on-one coach has made a tremendous difference in my life. He has a very warm tactful manner and is very easy to communicate with when difficult topics and emotions come to the surface. The most amazing part was how different I felt after working with David a couple of times. David has wonderful ways of helping you set goals, visualize the end results you are striving for, and keep you going!
Terri R.
Willard Elementary

My experience with David was emotional and sometimes a challenge. He allowed me to vent my feelings without judgment, but then he pushed me to move on to the variables that were in my control. I felt free to talk about anything without fear of being criticized, and I appreciated his valuable feedback. David’s personality is fun, outgoing, and charismatic. He is very intelligent and has great insight into people and their gifts and struggles. My one-on-one coaching experience was something that I looked forward to because I knew that David cared about my situation, and it allowed me the opportunity to take a look at myself and my situation with new eyes and make changes to grow in a positive direction.
Destiney H.

I have so enjoyed my one-on-one life coaching program with David. He is very professional, uplifting, and very supportive. I am so glad I have chosen to go through this program. It has helped me to be able to change my thought process from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I CAN.’ He is able to help me see all different angles and asks questions I may not have thought about or was afraid to ask. The main thing about working with David is I trust him completely.
Ardyth F.