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Do you want a life coach? Do you find yourself…

    • Knowing what you want but not how to make it a reality?
    • Often wondering what your purpose is?
    • Feeling frustrated by a job that is unfulfilling?
    • Wanting to feel more inspired, engaged, and confident?
    • Struggling with a relationship?
    • Asking how you can make a greater impact?
    • Thinking, how do I make this motivation last?

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Coaching With Motivation for Business and Life

My clients come from all careers, ages, and walks of life. The one thing that unites them is a courage to get honest with themselves and a willingness to create a more POWERFUL purpose for their life.

The main thing about working with David is that I trust him completely.
Ardyth F.

My one-on-one or group coaching is a heart-centered experience based on proven methodologies and developed from intuition. I celebrate where you are and at the same time “say it like it is.” I’m not one of those coaches who thinks the answer to every issue lies within the person I’m working with.
Lasting Motivation Personal Coaching Program™
Lasting Motivation Group Coaching Program™

I will push you much like an athletic coach pushes his players. If you’re willing to get real and think for yourself, then the results are rapid and transformative.

My goal as a coach isn’t to have you need me as a crutch. Rather my goal is for you to be able to take the tools I teach, to not only overcome obstacles and blind spots, but make what you learn an integral part of who you are on a daily basis.

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Overall, we’ll work together to get clear, get motivated, and make it last!

My experience with David was emotional and sometimes a challenge. He allowed me to vent my feelings without judgment, but then he pushed me to move on to the variables that were in my control. I felt free to talk about anything without fear of being criticized, and I appreciated his valuable feedback. David’s personality is fun, outgoing, and charismatic. He is very intelligent and has great insight to people and their gifts and struggles. My one-on-one coaching experience was something that I looked forward to because I knew that David cared about my situation, and it allowed me the opportunity to take a look at myself and my situation with new eyes and make changes to grow in a positive direction.
Destiney H.

Free Consultation | Programs | Testimonials